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Firefox Fights For You #FFFY #FirefoxFightsForYou #Mozilla #Firefox

In January 28th, Mozilla community in Palestine have created a small video in Arabic to participate in Firefox Fights For you campaign and introduce people that Firefox fights to protect its users privacy.

The following amazing people have participated in recording the video :

Haneen Sameeh Salameh (UX developer)
Dania Yaish (Service Manager at Call u )
Nadeen Kalboune (developer at Exalt software company)
Dr. Othman M. Othman (Assistant Professor of Computer Science at An-Najah National University)
Abdallah Habib (system administrator at Paltel )
Ahmad Swailem (Network Engineer at Paltel)
Ruba Awayes (Teaching assistant and lab instructor at An-Najah National University)
Dr. Mona Nabil Dmaidi ( Professor of Computer Engineering at An-Najah National University)
JaMal Sayeh(System administrator at Paltel)
Mofed Arafat (Developer at Progineer software Company)
Lolo & Soso & Toto
Yousef Salem (Photographer/Student at An-Najah National University )
Sameera Salameh (Developer at Progineer software Company)

This is the final video

Here are some photos while shooting 😀