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Mozillians visit to Gaza Sky Geeks Code Academy

Saturday, 20th July, 2019 a group of Mozillians was invited to Gaza sky geeks code academy in Hebron-Palestine to introduce students to some Mozilla projects .

The session was of 5 hours  and was attended by more than 25 students with tech background .

The event started by Ayah Soufan, a Mozilla tech speaker who recently got her master degree in data science. Aya talked about machine learning technology. She linked machine learning with common voice which  is a Mozilla’s initiative to help teach machines how real people speak.  Also, she announced that common voice project is now available in Arabic and she encouraged the audience to donate their voices and help in increasing Arabic voices and help in creating an open and free voice bank.

After Aya, Yamama, talked  about Mozilla efforts to bring immersive realities to the web. She talked about web virtual reality and Mozilla a-frame. She showed several demos which were built using a-frame. She also talked about spoke which is a web tool that help in creating 3D scenes by assembling 3D models from different resources like sketch fab and google poly and then allow users to easily upload their scenes on  Mozilla hubs which is a virtual chat room that allows users to chat virtually and share several items like images and videos. Yamama showed several examples on spoke and hubs and let students tried hubs on  Firefox Reality browser using Oculus go.

The third speaker was Ruba Awayes. Ruba is a Mozilla contributor who works with Arabic localization team and SuMo (Support Mozilla). Ruba gave a great presentation about Mozilla contribution opportunities. She explained in details how she got started her journey as a Mozilla contributor.