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WebVR & A-Frame Talk

Written By Yamama :

Wednesday 24th October, 2018 I gave a talk about web virtual reality and A-frame to senior computer science students at An-Najah National university.

This is the longest talk I did about WebVr. I spent one hour and a half and if I have more time I will take it. Students were engaged and excited about the topic and asked a lot of questions.

Even the talk was long I did not get tired and I don’t think that it was boring. It would be so boring if I speak alone. In my case the audience were around 35 students and we discussed our opinions and did a lot of comparison during the talk .

I showed them some examples and demos and we went through Aframe code examples, the visual inspector tool and the A-frame registry .

I want to thank my Tech speakers colleagues Felipe Do E. Santo and Srushtika Neelakantam.

I used the material they shared on their git hub and I asked Felipe a lot of questions before the session.

This talk has 2 first things. Firstly, it was the first “very long” talk I give. Secondly, it was the first talk that I feel I did well when I finished. I usually finished my talks with the feeling that I did bad and I skipped important info or I talked quickly .

I believe this is because I feel confidence as the department of computer science is my comfort zone ; I already know exactly who is my audience . Also, I got prepared well and asked Felipe about some issues that was not clear to me.